"Love Christmas" bauble lit on the tree
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Combination of all three axes and channels
Colour based on range distance
glowing really long exposure

Twitter Baubles

This year being at home for Christmas, I wanted to put something interactive on the tree. Inspired by the Tweetmas Tree from Alpha One a couple of years back I decided to do something similar, using a Raspberry Pi for processing and a couple of Arduinos for light control. The overall effect is quite pleasant [...]

Web lights

Multi-player web interaction with physical devices This project is a distillation of several that I’ve done over the last 12 months and was done as a demo for my presentation at Sketching in Hardware in Portland, Oregon this year. This project was designed to be completely transportable and modular in order to make it through [...]

Duelling twitters

This project was really a proof of concept to get a network driven arduino to respond to simple commands simply by polling a variation of the RESTduino interface. In this instance however I wanted the lights to pulse gently and to use an RGB light disc which would allow for independent colour channels to be [...]

Mobile control light

I’ve been exploring the use of mobile web browsers as the means for interaction with the physical world – the basics of which are explained here. This project uses an LED light disc, an arduino and Django Socket IO web server to provide the hooks then uses a mobile phone with a web browser that [...]

Warmer-colder LEDs

Warmer-Colder LEDs with ultrasonic range finder A quick project to test my new Parallax PING))) ultrasonic range finder and explain to a pair of 6 year olds how a range finder works by turning it onto a game. Full details and code here.

Glowing globes

Who says water and electronics don’t mix? This project got some good results for something so simple, it also caused a lot of laughter because no matter how hard you try you’re definitely going to get wet trying to close the balloon. LEDs get washed out in bright light. But turn the lights off, get [...]

Recent Work

"Love Christmas" bauble lit on the tree
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From the Blog

This is the distillation of several projects I’ve worked on over the last year. I’m only showing one of these as I actually captured my build process on the most recent; being an interactive light display for a demo during my presentation at the Sketching in Hardware conference in Portland, Oregon. This approach isn’t just [...]

In October, 2011 I had the privilege to speak at Web Directions South 2011 – a fantastic conference in Sydney that focuses on web design and development. My presentation was on How the web is going physical and was directly related to my explorations in this space. The presentation was recorded and here is a [...]

I’m a big fan of networked arduinos – especially these EtherTens from Freetronics. When an arduino is networked it opens up a degree of interactivity and awareness that is hard to achieve with serial – not least because your processing can occur somewhere physically distant from your display. This project (pictures and video in action on [...]

As a web oriented person I tend to think web-first whenever I think of mobile. I posted a little while back about how to get a mobile phone to pull it’s orientation data out using some javascript and pass that data to a web server. This has evolved somewhat now and I have a packaged [...]

Smart phones are becoming more sophisticated devices by the month it seems – you can even make phone calls with them I’m told. I’ve played around quite a bit with using bluetooth as a connection method between arduinos and mobile phones and whilst it works fairly well there’s a lot of overhead and your battery [...]

Posted by ajfisher on July 5th, 2011 at 9:22 pm

This little project started out really as a means of testing my Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic rangefinder that I got from Little Bird last week. As normal however a six year old wanted to understand what I was doing and how it all worked. So, what started as a test turned into something a little more [...]

Posted by ajfisher on June 5th, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Creating a glowing globe is pretty easy – my son showed me a really quite poor video on YouTube where a glowing globe was created with just an LED, some wire and a battery frozen in a water balloon. We decided to do it properly (you know with like current-limiting resistors and all that) so [...]