ajfisher's doing space

Who is @ajfisher

My job

I am the Chief Technology Officer for JBA Digital, a data agency in Melbourne, Australia. I work with a great bunch of people who are both brilliant at what they do as well as being deeply passionate about Internet and related technologies. I get to work with some huge organisations both locally here in Australia as well as Internationally who put their trust in me not to do something stupid with their brand and ruin their business.

Along side this I am the founder of technology research lab Rocket Melbourne. Here I get to explore some of the future ways in which the Internet and individuals will overlap and get to spend my time peering into the future as well as hopefully creating a very small part of it as well.

My history

I have been interested in technology probably since birth. I started programming as a kid and never stopped (and that’s a few decades ago now). I’ve worked for digital agencies and for various clients since the dawn of the web (in spite of University professors telling me it would never take off) and had the pleasure and privilege to work with both amazing people and develop some fantastic applications or services that have lead to the growth of our great medium across the finance, music, leisure, government and retail industries. If you’re really interested, check out my details on LinkedIn.

My networks

I don’t use Facebook, I do use Twitter, I’m on LinkedIn and Google

Mostly I use twitter and you’ll find it to be mostly a mix of technology opinion and conversation.

My opinions

That’s pretty much what this blog is about but in a nutshell here’s what you’ll get from me. The state of and future of the Internet and the Web, lots to do about mobile technology and in particular how the mobile Internet changes our lives. You’ll see some rants about why certain things haven’t been implemented well but always with a recommendation for how they should be in order to spark debate. I also talk a lot about Open Source Software (having been a Linux user since the 90s and a Unix user before then) and Cloud Computing (one of the most disruptive shifts for business since the Internet).

My future

I love technology, I live it in every part of my life. I am always looking at new ways technology can be used to enhance our state of being on this little watery planet. I can’t see a time when I’m not guiding or developing technology to take us somewhere so if you’re doing something interesting let me know.