Represent twitter trending topics in real time using light

Duelling twitters


Twitter Interaction

This project was really a proof of concept to get a network driven arduino to respond to simple commands simply by polling a variation of the RESTduino interface. In this instance however I wanted the lights to pulse gently and to use an RGB light disc which would allow for independent colour channels to be triggered via an HTTP call. The call was made from a script that was attached to the twitter streaming API and due to the removal of the stream processing off the arduino it meant it would still work on even the highest velocity trending topics on twitter.

Having different terms trigger the three colour channels with varying rates creates a dynamic interplay between each topic through the light and you can see which term is dominating in real time.

You can see it in action in the video below:


A full write up is here including all the code used for both the arduino side and the python script that manages the twitter integration.