Create a multi-person interactive light display using a networked arduino and a web browser.

Web lights

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Multi-player web interaction with physical devices

This project is a distillation of several that I’ve done over the last 12 months and was done as a demo for my presentation at Sketching in Hardware in Portland, Oregon this year. This project was designed to be completely transportable and modular in order to make it through US border security. It also needed to be relatively simple in order to illustrate the concepts I was talking about in my presentation and be something that the entire audience could interact with.

Using RGB light modules in an array coupled to a networked arduino, messages are sent via web sockets from a server which is in turn interacted with via a web interface. Multiple people can play with it at once and do colour mixing if they choose different colours and hit the same light at the same time. The web page used CSS media queries to provide a responsive interface so no matter whether a user was interacting via a phone, tablet or desktop computer in landscape or portrait orientation they could still interact correctly.

There’s a full write up of how this all works here on the blog and all of the code for this project is in my github repo.